May 28, 2024 @ 7:30 pm – 7:45 pm
Castle Hill RSL Club
77 Castle St
Castle Hill NSW 2154

Closing Date: Midnight Sunday 26th May

Judging Date: Tuesday 28th May

Judge: Michelle Kennedy

Creative / Experimental Set Subject Guidelines

This month you have freedom to do whatever you want so long as you add a creative aspect in your image. You can think of double exposures, zoom or panning, a fabricated scene, composites, altered reality and painting with light. The possibilities are endless. The challenge for you is to try something new. That is why we added “Experimental” to the title.

  • This is an image that has been created in camera (for example motion blur, double exposure) or had post processing manipulation and artistic effects added.
  • The image must have a basic photograph origin; the original exposure and all post processing must be the work of the Image Creator.
  • The storytelling element of the image should be considered.
  • Art appropriation is not permitted. The use of other people’s artwork in images as a dominant element is not permitted.
  • Ways of creating a digital art image include but are not limited to:
  • Different opacities -several views of the same person or main subjected blended into one image using different opacities.
  • Multiple Exposures – photographing an activity at continuous exposure capturing movement and then blending several exposures into one image.
  • Stepping out of the frame – placing part of the image outside the frame to give a 3D effect.
  • Blended – two or more images taken in different place blended into one image to create a completely new scene and tell a new story.
  • Double Exposure – where 2 images are blended into one image (either in camera or in post processing)
  • Filters – Filters are permitted provided they do not introduce a new element to the image that the Image Creator has not created themselves. For example, the sky replacement filter should use your own image. Stock images are not permitted. Filters which add a texture or pattern are permitted provided the texture or pattern has been created by the Image Creator. Imported textures & patterns are not permitted.
  • Creative Abstract – Can be made using distortion tools such as the liquefy tool. A creative abstract does not represent a true record of the subject.
  • Composite Images – whether they are of a realistic scene or an unrealistic scene, using editing techniques to build a scene from different elements (all of which have been photographed by the Image Creator). Stock images are not permitted. Clip art is not permitted.
  • Vector/Raster Layers – The use of basic tools/brushes in photoshop are permitted to create Vector/Raster Layers provided the contents have been created by the Image Creator. Custom tools/brushes/textures must have been created by the Image Creator. Vector/Raster Layers can only amount to 50% of the image.


What you can learn:

  • This is the time to think outside the box. The image needs to relate to a theme / story or has impact due to its shape and / or colour.
  • Research to gather ideas that can be built upon.

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