Happy new year to all our members and we look forward to some outstanding photography images, training sessions, outings and social events in 2024.

If you haven’t thought about entering the club’s competitions, give it a go as it is a great way to improve your skills as all images are judged and judges usually give suggestions on how to improve images. Even if you don’t enter a competition come along to the competition night to see and hear what the judges say about the entered images.

Due to the introduction of generative fill and advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in photoshop the Australian Photography Society (APS) has developed rules regarding generative fill and AI in competitions. The Castle Hill Competition committee reviewed these rules and has adjusted the club’s competition rules to be in line with the APS. The rules will apply to all competitions commencing in 2024.

The New Competition Rules for CHRSLPC are:

5.6.3 Post-production.

Overview of post-production rules

The simplest way to think of the post-production rules is that you must have captured the pixels in your camera. Software can be used to adjust those pixels in the many options that software such as Photoshop provides. You cannot use any pixels that are generated by software or purchased overlays (for example, fog, dust, light rays etc) as they are not your work.

Post-production rules

Post-production processing that is entirely based on pixels in the original image and does not extend the image beyond its original boundaries is ‘acceptable’. The processing must be under the direct control of the photographer, whether that processing is manual such as cloning, painting, dodging, etc or automated such as using filters or plugins.

Content-aware Fill’ or similar modification that is entirely based on pixels in the original image/s and which does not extend the image beyond its original boundaries is ‘acceptable’.

‘Generative Fill’ or the use of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or other processes that use content generated by software from written / verbal prompts or developed from the work of others is ‘not acceptable’.